Custom Pictures of  Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port Saint Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida 
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Custom Photography: Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida

Photography Workshop training with one on one hands on teaching.

 Photography Workshop Objectives 


   If you are a technical good or great photographer and/or an expert or advanced photographer on the software programs, I will teach, then don't waste your money on one of my workshops. My workshops are basically for new photographers who want to know the various ways to craft a picture. My workshops are for photographers who feel that every inch of their picture is subject to change if any element of their picture does not support the overall objective of that picture. I am looking for students who have at least a vague vision of what they want to do in photography. I will try my best to translate your vision into actual photographs that you can be proud of.

   The other difference between my course and other workshops is that I cover the full experience from taking a picture to the use of several software programs to craft your picture to finally displaying your picture(s) on a website and a video/slide show. At the end of the training I want you to say: "Wow I did that".  I also want you to produce a picture that you can put a frame around and give it a prominent place in your living room.

  There is a big secret to the image on the left. If you take a workshop course I will reveal the secret as I teach some of the things you can do with today's software like Perfect Photo 9

  I am offering four ways  to complete your workshop training.

 Field Trip to various areas Shoot images in the morning craft pictures in the afternon.
 Mannequin  Cheaper than the next two alternatives. Later craft your best images.
 Real Doll  Costs $50 above workshop costs. Later craft your best images.
 Hire a model  Costs enywhere from $50 to $500. If you want to do nude pictures with an attractive model it can cost, but the results will make it worth it. I will try my best to find the best model from One Model Place or Model Mayhem.

What I will teach is about expanding your vision on what is possible in a photograph. I can introduce you to Masking, Blending, HDR and selected focus control and using as many software programs as needed to craft your pictures.

I am also flexable. If you don't want to pay extra for a model, I can take you to the various sites in Fort Pierce, Vero Beach or Port St. Lucie: the same places you see on this web-site. If you want a model, I have a small studio where you can do a model, Mannequin or Real Doll shoot.  If you take one of these options I can show you how to use modifyers like a softbox, beauty dish or various reflectors to give some dimensiones to your images. I will also share what I have learned about the nature and quality of light and how to pose a model.  

 I can show you how to mask a picture and insert it into one of your pictures, perhaps a sunset picture, that you will take in Fort Pierce or Vero Beach or Port St. Lucie. Or if you have already taken that great outdoor picture that you would love to add a human being to put some meaning into your picture - I am here for you.

    Besides the things, you will learn in my workshop training is the knowledge that you don't have to be a big time expert or know it all to create interesting pictures.


  I must admit I am not a technically great photographer, and this isn't much of a problem because the focus of my workshops will be on what do you do once you have taken the picture. If you are looking for dazzling lighting effects in your pictures, I am not your person. Basically, in my lighting I try to keep everything  as simple as possible. I try to keep my picture taking as simple as possible but take time composing each image. I don't shoot pictures with great lenses that gives fantastic bokeh. I can create great bokeh with my computer programs but I can't turn a blurred image into one that is sharp.

 I may end up with some dazzling lighting effects, but all the magic is created via my computer programs. All the pictures on this website I have taken and crafted with the software programs I will teach.  Some of the pictures have resulted in experimenting and finding techniques I didn't think were possible.

  I am also not a technically great user of all the software programs that I will teach you. I learn each program in relation to the type of pictures I want to create. I believe that if you get bogged down on learning all the things, each program can do, then you may create some technically great pictures but will you create an interesting picture that you will want to hang on your living room wall.

  Commercial photography is a worthy profession that can combine being an artist with being a business man. However, I am not a commercial photographer and have no desire to become one. I am a retired person who was involved in commercial photography years ago. The business aspects of photography and processing hundreds of pictures in the most expeditious manner possible are not subjects in my workshops.

  And finally, if you take the time to look at my site, then you will know that when it comes time to having a good time, I want to have a good time. I'm seeking students who like to have a good time after they have learned the various things I will teach. If you are that type of person who wants to combine learning with having a good time, please send me an email. I can guarantee this isn't the type of experience where you will spend your nights in a hotel room because you have no other options. Check out my Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie pages and you will see a variety of places that at times can be interesting.

Word of warning: remember that I am an older person and my idea of having a good time is a few good beers and great conversation in a place with atmosphere and attractive women. And while I like to have a good time I am also a disciplined person so if we have a workshop together the next day I will be ready and expect my student to be ready.


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Art Prints 

 Fine Art America is a site designed for artists, including photographers who want to sell art works in various formats. Please check out my page on their site. Something to consider...


Artist Websites

Creative Live

Runs a lot of Photography Workshops. What makes them special is that their workshops usually last three days from Thursday through Saturday. These workshops are online and are free. If you buy a download for one of their workshops, it usually costs $99. [ If you like a workshop and don't spend the $99 dollars, than you are foolish. To get the full benefit out of a workshop you may have to replay the workshop several times.] Once your workshop is finished the cost goes up to $149.
I have paid for three of their workshops, and I am a better photographer for it.