Custom Pictures of  Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port Saint Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida 
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Custom Photography: Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida

Photography Workshop training with one on one hands on teaching.

Photography and Photographers need Models

The below pictures are some of my best pictures that are on my Fine Art America website in my Enchanting Nudity and Artist and Models Galleries. The images represent my own philosophy about capturing images. I believe that if you want to call yourself a professional or ameteur photographer then you have to produce an image that has an impact, good composition, tonal values and sharpness where needed. Where I differ from most photographers is that I see the initial photograph as my starting point. My ending point may make the image unrecognizalbe from the original image.

I tried to make an effort to list the programs that I used for each image. These are my go to programs and apps for most of my images. The truth is that I don't keep records of what I did to produce each image. Some images I have used five different programs and app to get my final image. In addition to the programs and apps listed on the images I have also used Topaz: adjust,textures,de noise, impressions,simplify,star effects and Alien Skin: Eye Candy and Snap Art and Painter: ParticleShop.

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  Most of the models you see on this page are models who view what they do as a profession. When it's time for a photoshoot they show up on time and make sure their hair and makeup show them off as best as possible. Most have different wigs and a range of clothes that will accentuate whatever the photographer is looking to do.   When the shoot starts they have a full range of poses to use which is good because most photographers aren't experts in getting a good pose. Some even come up with their own ideas, one model even climbed up a tree and posed naked for a shot that turned out pretty good. A good model can certainly improve a professional photographer's pictures and that is why most photographers look for a professional model.  

      The pictures on this page try to show a little glamour and sexuality, certainly nothing pornographic. 



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Learn new ways to create pictures and, photograph some of the best scenery on the Treasure Coast, including Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Port Saint Lucie or even a lively photo session with a model. Finish the night celebrating at one of the many Tiki bars and restaurants in the area.

What I am offering is different then most photography workshops or training classes in that it is hands-on and covers the full process of taking a picture(s) and crafting your picture(s) using the right software. No slide shows from some expert: with my help you will craft some interesting pictures that you can proudly display wherever you want. If you opt for some extra workshop time I will show you how to make a video show or put your pictures on a web site.

And when you are finished at day's end, I will show you the interesting places in Fort Pierce or Vero Beach or Port St Lucie. Think of me as your guide to good food and better drinks.