Custom Pictures of  Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port Saint Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida 
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Custom Photography: Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida

Photography Workshop training with one on one hands on teaching.


Featured Artist: Jim Long singing 'There were some famous artists' from the album: Artsongs. Featured model: Melissa: One Model Place For more mature(must be over 18) pictures of Melissa and Adrina check out my OMP page.
If you are having trouble viewing either videos, please check out my share page at Photodex. Especially if you want to see a better quality video without worrying about bandwith problems. Viewing my video's will require downloading Photodex Presenter. Photodex is a legitimate company that I have used for years and consider them to be on the cutting edge for video shows. If you are a Photographer and want to do some exciting things with your picture either program they sell, Pro Show Gold or Producer will up the quality of your video shows.

 Featured model: Lisa Jean at One Model Place
Music by Hairpeace:

The above video as well as the other videos on this site was produced with Pro Show Producer. What made this show different was the amount of video(camera:Mark II 5D) shot on the model in this show. This was my first attempt in combining extensive video with static shots. As to be expected I made a lot of mistakes in shooting the video, but with a program like Pro Show Producer a lot is covered up. The shoot also showed up the need for supplemental equipment like a shotgun mic. and a decent video head for my tripod. One thing that did work was putting sliders(the kind you stick on to the legs of heavy furniture.) on the bottom of my tripod. This helped to keep the model in the center of the picture as the background changed. I was only partially successful in doing that, but that was more my lack of experience and not the sliders.

The most important lesson I learned from doing the video was the need for preparation before the shoot and the need to check my video on a monitor before the model departed. Certainly a story board is needed to outline what the model is going to do. In addition if the model is interviewed she or he needs to know ahead of time and come prepared for the types of questions the interviewer will ask. Also I should have used adequate lighting. I tried using natural sunlight and light from overhead halogin lights that I used to light my pictures on my living room wall. This resulted in uneven but somethings interesting lighting. I also shot the video on automatic exposure. I believe this was a mistake and the reason the picture quality at times wasn't as good as can be produced with a camera like the Mark II 5d.

I think there is a future in these types of videos and maybe by the time I make my 5th one I will be a lot better. On the plus side I did a decent job of showing the model to be attractive and highlighted her resume enough so that a potential photographer could look at the video and see she was not only attactive but also experience enought for a possible photo shoot.

These types of video take a fair amount of time to create. The shooting session also takes a lot more time than still shots. I should have taken more time in shooting the video part and checking on my computer for problems. I am a shoot as little as possible type of person, and I will have to improve on that aspect of my shooting sessions. I had a pretty good model in the shooting sessions who still makes the video pretty good, but I wasn't as prepared to shoot the video as I thought I was. When you are shooting a model, don't be cheap. Pay the money for the best you can afford. A good model who knows how to look good in front of a camera will always make you look good as a photographer.



If you would like some pretty good instructions about lighting and how to shoot video on a camera like the Canon Mark II 5D I suggest you check out the following website which runs weekend workshops which you can later download.

I watched and downloaded 'HDDSLR cimema with Vincent Laroret and Studio Lighting Photography with Zack Arias(each cost $129). At the time I paid $79 apiece because they were running a special for those who watched the live broadcasts for free and purchased a download before the end of each broadcasts. Don't know if they are running specials for future workshop, but it is something to check. Both workshops Video and Studio lighting were both areas that I was deficient in. Both workshops lasted the whole weekend and were chock full of good information.

One thing I didn't mess up on is in picking a good model.

Photographer Model


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Is it time for a
Learn new ways to create pictures, photograph some of the best scenery on the Treasure Coast, including Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Port Saint Lucie or even a lively photo session with a model. Finish the night celebrating at one of the many Tiki bars and restaurants in the area.

What I am offering is different than most workshops in that it is hands-on and covers the full process of taking a picture(s) and crafting your picture(s) using the right software. No slide shows from some expert, with my help you will craft some interesting pictures. If you opt for some extra workshop time I will show you how to make a video show or put your pictures on a web site.

And when you are finished at day's end, I will show you the sites. Think of me as your guide to good food and better drinks.