Custom Pictures of  Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port Saint Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida 
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Custom Photography: Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida

Photography Workshop training with one on one hands on teaching.

    Photographer Workshops

      Like everything else in this custom photography website, all photography training is customized for just one client. The basic training cost is $100 per day. I expect this cost will eventually increase. Training can last up to five days depending on the needs of the photographer client. Photography workshop training will be scheduled from Wednesday through Sunday only.

   Most of the training is hands on with some training using videos to give the client an overall perspective of the software's used. The goal of the training will be to enable the photographer client to produce one or more interesting and solid photographs and to teach the student what it takes to produce each photograph.

   The training will start with the taking of the picture either a studio or out in the field picture(need to look at the Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie pages to see the many interesting places for photography) and end with at least one finished picture or video show that I will also publish to my website and/or the photographer will have one or some finished jpeg or other files. This workshop is open to photographers who already have a digital camera, and are looking to take the next step in their photography evolution. 

After your course is finished you will receive a special parting gift that will enhance what you have learned. Need to bring a 16gig windows type flash drive. I will work hard to make your time here well worth the price of this course. If I should fall short of my goals, my special gift will make your visit well worth the time and money spent.

  Accommodations and Travel: There are several hotels that you can book in the Fort Pierce and Vero area. I would prefer that you get a hotel off of interstate 95 and state road 70 in the Fort Pierce area. This would be helpful in coordinating travel arrangements. If you travel by airplane I can pick you up(and return you to) at the Melbourne or West Palm's airports for an additional fee of $40(fee is reduced if you take more then one workshop day) and can also pick up and return you to your hotel and show you the key points of interest in Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Port St Lucie(time permitting) after each class.

Class times: usually 10 to 6pm unless we need to do an outdoor photo shoot that may involve sunset or sunrise pictures. Each course is about 8hrs. If you opt for a sunset picture, I will count the next days training as the same training period of the day before. In other words 8hrs of training can spand two days.

 Photography workshop courses: need to click on the following link for information about courses: Photography Training courses

Adrina Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port St Lucie Photography  *Extra: for an extra charge(to be determined) I can try to arrange a model from One Model Place, either a local or within region or a traveling model who will be in Florida during your visit for a photography session. To see some of the one model place models I have photographed please check out my OMP page: One Model Place. The models I photographed were all professionals and if they can't upgrade your portfolio to new heights, then you have no business calling yourself a photographer. Yes they cost more then a novice model with no experience but if you want great pictures than they are worth it.

Recently I have joined ModelMayhem and I am looking forward to working with their models.

Payment: I will accept payment by check(I will not lock in your training date(s) until your check has cleared.) or money order.  I will also accept payment via PayPal which accepts various types of credit card payments. Please visit my PayPal page to figure out the cost of your training or use of a model.

Conditions:  You can cancel your workshop up to one week before the class begins and I will refund 100% of payment. Up to two days before the class I will return 90% of payment. After that I will return 70% of payment. Models are paid after session, but if you wait to late to cancel I will have to pay the model something depending on how much the model has been inconvenienced or incur expenses to make the session. Models sometimes don't show up and I will try to find another model or refund the appropriate amount of money paid.

First contact: Please fill out the form on the Photographer Course Form page to let me know the dates you would like to take the course and what are your specific goals: what areas of photography or website building would you like me to teach. After you have finished please attach the form to an email to my workshop address. Following info would be helpful: What have you done in photography? Do you have a website or page I can check to see what you have already done in photography? Note: If you need transportation please let me know.( see accommodations and travel)

My studio is basically a small area in my home(about 18.4' by 10'). I use canon speed flashes, Pocket Wizards, a small umbrella, beauty dish with grid and recently purchased a strip light softbox with a grid. I use a canon transmitter and Pocket Wizards to coordinate the flashes. I also use a Profhoto HR Softbox(1.5X3.5') with Profoto speed ring as a continuous light source and use a 4bulb flashpoint light source as a secondary light. I use green and white backgrounds and my studio  has a white ceiling and walls for bounce flash images. I have my own version of a large softbox which I call my red-neck softbox. I also have reflectors and my own homemade reflector devices. There are also other areas in my home that I can use for a decent background.




Please click the following link before you sign up for one of my workshops.

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Please click the following link before you sign up for one of my workshops.

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