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Past Twilight

A novel by Richard Hemingway

Have you ever wondered...?

 My body felt numb. My little world slowly ebbed out of my body to some other beyond. The reality of who I had been, at least the mental part, was exiting with no fanfare or regrets from my body. The alien looked down at me and started to speak. Maybe he will tell me who Rosebud was, who killed Roger Rabbit, did OJ really do it? Did ¼ 

   “Find the mother and father and you will find your answers,” he whispered. 


hemingway novel Past Twilight


Contest has been cancelled due to total lack of interest.

Can you figure out the real name of the town on the Jersey Shore and the real name of the bar/hotel that gets trashed in the hurricane?

If you lived in the town during the period the answer should be easy to figure out even though all of the location(eg. restaurant, bar etc,)names have been changed. Most but not all of the described geography is accurate. If you are younger and not familiar with the Jersey Shore, you are going to have to investigate just like the protagonist in this novel and pay attention to the location clues in the novel. Email your answers to(cancelled) Only one answer per person.

  1st prize - $500* and a free meal on the author**.
2nd prize -$100
3rd prize - $50
4th prize - $25
5th prize - $25

* Prizes are determined by the order that your correct answer is received(time, date) in my in-mail email box. Contest ends on(cancelled) Winners will be announced on (cancelled). Must purchase novel in order to participate in contest.

** Value of meal not to exceed $40. I would prefer to have a one to one dinner experience, but if this is not possible, I will send a gift card to a local restraurant in your ared.

For more information on the novel and a special rebate that refunds the price of the novel, if you order the novel from Amazon and Amazon Kindle please click on the link to my Past Twilight site.
























    Most of the action, including a brutal Hurricane and fight scene that takes place in a rundown hotel that splits apart during the hurricane, takes place on the Jersey Shore during the 70's. Older photographers who liked to 'party' at the shore should read it just to see if they can figure out which town served as the base of the novel. Some may want to see if my memories of the bar scene in this town matches their memories. Bits and pieces of the interesting people who made this town so interesting are etched in the novel. Recognize someone you know? All the regular suspects are there for you to check out. Hopefully some photographers will read it to see how some scenes were created just because they would photograph well and add to the symbolism and mood of a movie.  When I started the novel I hadn't read a novel in 30 years, I took my idea of pacing and plot from the small screen(TV).  At the end of the first chapter I leave my main character clinging to life with impending doom about to run him over. I was taking my inspiration from TV shows like 24. Always leave the viewer hanging so they have to come back next week or after a commercial. And yes, I wrote most of my scenes to be visual: man against the environment - will he/she/they make it - stay tuned folks.

Paperback: 367 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 9X6X0.8 inches

Past Twilight on Kindle  Order Now 

However, if you are looking for the cheapest price, mainly interested in the contest and have no reverance for the paper format my novel is avaiable in a PDF format. 



      In case you are interested in my novel, it's called 'Past Twilight' and it has nothing to do with vampires. It is a story that has two men obsessed with the same woman. One wants to save her the other may be the one who wants to kill her again, yes this is one of those novels where someone goes back in time. 

    Have you ever experienced something years ago that you regretted doing or regretted not doing? Has that something revisited you over the years and made you wonder what would I do, if I get a second chance to make things right

    I never really thought I would finish the novel when I started typing away.  Writing the novel was more about coming to terms about my failings as a man than thinking I would be the next Hemingway.  The initial spark that fueled me on was a personal obsession, that never left me, about someone I met at the Jersey Shore. Like the protagonist I was full of optimision when younger and bitter and disapointed when older. Without passion and the desire to move forward, what do we really have that is different from the other animals on the planet.  Somwhere in writing this novel I found passion again and that is when my  characters started taking over and it became a novel about many inter-relationships and how some of those relationships can get you killed it you aren't paying attention. It also became a novel that became surpisingly optimistic as the novel moved toward its end.  A lot of the novel has that pulp fiction style of the detective novels in the thirties where lurking beneath picket fences and two bedroom homes things were pretty ugly and of course there was always a couple of corrupt copper's.

     My novel is a lot longer than a detective novel where you have a closed environment of the sharp and savvy detective, leading lady, some victims and everyone else is a suspect. This is because it is also a journey novel played against the background of the 70's. It is also a personal journey to try to make sense of his life and also come to terms with the four types of women that a man gets interested in. The first three types you get to meet in this novel. The last and final type you get to meet in the second novel, if I can sell enough copies of this novel and I get to make a movie out of the first novel.


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 For more information on the novel and how it was developed and a professional review of the novel, please click on the below link:

Past Twilight