Custom Pictures of  Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port Saint Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida 
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Custom Photography: Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida

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Fort Pierce, Florida points of Photographic interests for the photographer looking for great photography.

Fort Pierce

If you take a photography workshop with me and want to see the sites if you have the time then I will be your guide.

Hemingway's choice(s) for good times and good food after sunset in exciting Fort Pierce Florida. Good time times as defined by entertaining bars and restaurants. If you are visiting Fort Pierce and like the night time then you should bookmark this page.

 Tiki Bar  Cobbs Landing 121Tapas on the water  2nd Street, Bistro 
Zelmo's   Harbortown  12A Buoy  Chuck's Seafood
 On the Edge  Manatee Island Grill  Archie's Seabreeze  Dave's Diner
 Uncle C Gelato  Bluewater Grill  Inlet Beach Bar BottomsUp
 CO-OP CAFE Vinny's Backyard Bar & Grill    And finally


I view a lot of the bars and restaurants as art pieces that I can craft into pictures. Note to Photographers if you do create some interesting pictures of these types of establishments. Make sure you give a free picture to each owner. They will be grateful and maybe someday if you need their place as part of a picture you might get a "yes" instead of a "no".

Currently, because of the addition of four new place's Captain Jax, 2nd Street Bistro, Inlet Beach Bar and Grille, and Manatee Island Grill, much competition has developed in the Fort Pierce bar and restaurant scene. The Bistro is featuring lady's night on Saturdays with a DJ, and some of the other places have brought back cleavage. Yes, there is a total war going on, and it's the best time to be hanging out in Fort Pierce. Especially if you are a musician.

 Tiki Bar


 The Original Tiki Bar: Overlooks the Indian River in the Fort Pierce marina.



  The next time a two-week heat wave hits your area, come on down for a little cool breeze. And by the way(commercial to follow) book your hotel though this site for the best hotel prices and then experience the many savings in restaurants and stores that only the locals get. Compare those prices to a week at the Jersey Shore or the Hampton's. If you can find me among the many people having a good time at the Fort Pierce Tiki bar: the first cheap draft beer is on me. Ask my favorite bar person -Nicci- to point me out or look for an old guy in a tatty golf shirt trying to groove to the music. Yes, there is music on the weekends and some of the bands are pretty good.

  Myself I like to enjoy an ice cold(and cheap-$1.75 for a mug of domestic beer during happy hours- my best time of the day.) draft of Bud-lite beer at the Fort Pierce Tiki Bar while watching the twilight change of light before darkness falls. Other people like to order those overpriced Foo-Foo drinks that only the trendy obsessive can enjoy. The Fort Pierce Tiki bar and restaurant is located on the Indian River and is located in the Fort Pierce marina. The marina is also a good spot for sunset and sunrise pictures, especially if you like pictures of boats.

 Cobbs Landing


Cobbs Landing: Located in the Fort Pierce Marina. Open 7 days with entertainment on the weekends. 200N Indian River dr. Fort Pierce 772 460-9014



  My favorite meal at this location is their Grilled Chicken sandwhich and I especially like their french fries. My favorite bar person at this located is Admanda. Cobbs Landing(which is owned by the same people who own the Tiki Bar) is a little more upscale than the Tiki Bar and while the Tiki Bar features bands playing good old rock and roll, Cobbs Landing usually features solo acts that play a little more mellow music like some "James Taylor".

121Tapas on the water
 One to One Tapas on the water.  121 Melody Lane
Fort Pierce, FL 34950 772 781-0942
  Located in the Renaissance building at the end of Orange Avenue across from Library. Good place to share a drink with a significant other - small place but a large amount of atmosphere. Food is served, and they have a good selection of craft beers and wines(no liquor drinks) This is a place I will revisit because I like the atmosphere, and I want to craft a picture that reflects the atmosphere in this place. Recommend this place for older photographers, especially on the nights with live music( nice and mellow). Plenty of estrogens in this place. Fresh flowers on the bar let you know that you aren't hanging out in a sports bar. My favorite desert is the Chocolate Trilogy. I usually order their best Pinot Noir with my desert. Not cheap but I will always come back for more especially when I am in a 'Pride and Prejudice' disarray... Winner 2014 Treasure Coast Reader's Choice Award St. Lucie Wine Bar.  Update:  Someone new has reopened this place.
2nd Street, Bistro
 2nd Street, Bistro: 122 N. 2nd Street, Fort Pierce, Florida 34950
  Opened Jan 3rd 2013 and features good American Cruisine and one long bar. Best nights are Fridays and now Saturday when they are having lady's night with a DJ. Younger Photographers should take note of this recent development. This place also features an outside bar in the bar. If you get hungry late at night order order a pulled pork slider. 
The CO-OP Cafe
   CO-OP Cafe  116 Avenue A, Suite A, Fort Pierce, Fl 34950                   772 828-2128
 Features Vegetarian organic food, coffee, wine and beer. They even have their own oganic farm. Both owners are musicians and sometimes provide entertainment. One night I visited and they had a Folk Song duo. The atmosphere was "Blowing in the wind" and right out of the sixties. Most of the customers had long grey hair. I like this place and would reccomend it to older photographers. Update: This place has closed.  New Update: Has reopened, new name: 'The Pint Brush'. Opened by the same people who closed the place. Added new feature: Drink some organic wine or craft beer and paint your masterpiece. Lessions provided. Five dollars for a draft pint of craft beer, drink frugaly.

   Zelmo's 206B Ave. A, Fort Pierce, Fl, PH#772-409-4895
  The main thing I like about Zelmos is that they don't have those types of bands that have to play ultra loud to disguise their lack of talent. The night manager works behind the bar and performs as a musician when needed. The customers who come into this place are old and young, but they all have one or two things in common. Either they are artists or they like to hang out with an artist. If you are a photographer and think that you are an artist, then Zelmos might be your type of place. Update: after three changes in management this place has closed.
Uncle C Gelato
Uncle Carlo's Gelato  141 Renaissance PlazaMap.e3efc45 Fort Pierce,FL (772) 672-4401 Next to the library in the Fort Pierce Marina
  This isn't a great or even good picture. When I quickly took this picture, there were a lot of people in front of Uncle Carlo's and I tried to take the picture from an angle where very few people would notice me taking the picture. Eventually, I will come back later in the evening where I can show more of the interior. I keep coming back to Uncle Carlo's because I like the gelato(home made premium ice cream made a little different than regular ice cream) and the slightly European atmosphere of the place. If you look at the reflection in my picture, you can see that Uncle Carlo's is right on the indian river.
Bottoms up 
 Bottoms Up Raw Bar & Grill: 658 N 2nd St Fort Pierce, Florida
  Opened in early April 2013 and features a large outdoor area and music on the weekends. Best when it is not raining. No persons under 21 allowed after 9pm. Hmmm I wonder what happens after nine 9pm. Worth seeing just for the money they spent on this place. I will have to see what happens after 9pm. Maybe I will bring my camera. The owners are looking to bring in well known regional and national bands. Expect a big crowd and plenty of hot looking woman running around. Best for young photographers. Capt Jax has been closed since Christmas(2013). A lot of money has been spent in creating this place. Eventually someone will step up and give this location another chance. Update: Two of my sources have informed me that someone with restaurant and bar experience has leased Capt Jax. New place has opened up. Visited and the staff seems friendly. Worth a visit on a night that they bring in a good regional band. 2nd update: Bottoms Up has gone bottoms down and is now closed. 
Vinny's Backyard Bar & Grill 
   Vinny's Backyard Bar & Grill 109 Fishermans Wharf, Fort Pierce. Florida 34950   772 979-2480
Located next to Bottom's Up. Several owners have occupied this place, but until now I haven't included the place in my listings. Vinny's features beer and wine and have the usually bar menu. Recently I ordered a cheesestake sandwhich and I would give that sandwhich a thumbs up. Vinny's is one of my regular stops. I like the music and atmosphere. I like the women who work behind the bar. No pretentions but plenty of real people. Update: Vinnie has sold this place to the guy who sold the place to him.


 Harbor Cove Restaurant. 1930 Harbortown Dr, Fort Pierce, FL 34946  (772) 429-5303



   Harbor Cove Restaurant is located at the southern part of Harbortown: a collection of stores for boat people, a large marina with a lot of sailboats and a boat repair place that also fixes a lot of sailboats. One of my friends eats meals at that place on a regular basis and likes the food. To access this area you need to take the last right turn before you hit the north bridge going to North Hutchinson Island. Look out for a guard shack and just inform the guard where you need to visit. The restaurant has a long T-type bar and entertainment on the weekend. Good view of the marina from the restaurant.

12A Buoy 
 12A Buoy 22 Fisherman's Wharf  Map.e3efc45 Fort Pierce,FL34950    (772) 672-4524
  Althought I seldom dine at this restaurant because I am not a fish eater, most of the people I know consider this place to have the best food, especially seafood, in Fort Pierce. On thursdays they do have a prime rib special and I can say their prime rib dinner is pretty good, but a little overpriced. Their dinner salad is better than most places in Fort Pierce but not included with special. An informed source told me that they only keep produce and fish on a daily basis. The downside of this policy happens when you show up late and they have ran out of ingedients for your favorite dish. Photographers: The people inside the restaurant were taken in a separate picture. Winner 2014 Treasure Coast Reader's Choice Award Seafood Restaurant.

Chuck's Seafood 
 Chuck's Seafood Restaurant 822 Seaway Dr, Fort Pierce, FL 34949 :(772) 461-9484  
Well known Seafood restaurant in Fort Pierce. Upscale prices but many people have told me that the food is pretty good. Major destination for snowbirds and tourists. Chuck's is easy to find. Look for the first circle off of the South bridge leading to South Huchinson Island. I am not a seafood lover so I have never had a meal at this restaurant.
On the Edge

 On the Edge: 1136 Seaway dr. Fort Pierce 34949, 772 882-9729



  Moving on to South Hutchinson Island via the south Fort Pierce bridge we come to 'On the Edge' which is my current favorite bar in Fort Pierce. 'On the Edge' also features the best place to take sunset pictures on the Treasure Coast of Florida. The staff is friendly and most of the people I have met in this place I have enjoyed talking to.  There is something about the atmosphere in this place that makes people friendly. I have had many great conversations both with the staff and with the other patrons I have met at 'On the Edge'.  They also have a small circular bar downstairs, when the weather is good this is a fun spot.

Manatee Island Grill

 Manatee Island Grill, 1640 Seaway Dr. Fort Pierce, Fl 34949

  Intriguing new place that opened in Oct 2013 on the same site as the old Mangrove Matties. The bartender told me that they were planning to put in a Tiki Bar that overlooks the inlet. Update: Tiki bar is outside and open. I visited the 2nd day of its operation. Bar was crowded, and lively with some live music.  They already have the direct TV football package. My guess is that they are looking to compete with 'On the Edge' for the best sunset spot and 2nd st bistro for the sports TV crowd. On their website they also mention dock access. This is important for all the Sunday drinkers who have boats. It is good size place, and they already have a bar. The place needs a makeover to attract a new crowd. They also have a similar place on the Port Salerno waterfront. I will visit this place from time to time.

Archie's Seabreeze

Archie's Seabreeze 401 South Ocean Drive, Fort Pierce FL, USA - Phone (772) 461-3352  

  Archie's is right across the street from the ocean. It should be called Archie's Ocean Breeze(ha-ha). Anyway their big slogan is. "No-Shoes-No Shirt-No Problem": that pretty much tell you all you need to know about Archie's. Archie's is known for their hamburgers, and they generally have some entertainment, especially on the weekends. 'Out on Bail' is my favorite Archie band. Note to Photographers: This was originally a single picture. But when I converted the file from raw to tiff: One file I made underexposed to get much more of the sky. Another file I overexposed to get a little more detail of Archie 's. The third file I used the normal exposure. All three were combined in my favorite HDR software(Photomatix) Archie's is one of those places that you have to visit in order to mainstain street cred as a Fort Pierce drinker.

Dave's Diner

 Dave's Diner  1011 Seaway DrMap.1720727
Fort Pierce,FL34949   (772) 460-2810

  Dave's diner is located on Hutchinson Island, Fort Pierce. You will find Dave's diner on the right side of Seaway Dr. just before the first street light. Only locals on Hutchinson Island know that what makes Dave's diner so unique is that the Diner is open 24hr seven days each week, If I drink too many bud-lites I always end up at Dave's Diner. The owner whose name is Jim not Dave knows how to cook my bacon extra crisp, and unlike those franchise places the bacon is cooked fresh each time. Each time I visit Dave's it's like coming home. The owner not only knows me but knows how I like my bacon(well-well cooked) and home fries(add green preppers and onions). One time I told him that the Greek diners in NYC always added those ingredients to their home fries. After that when I infrequently show up those ingredients are always in my home fries.

Square Grouper

   Square Grouper  1920 Seaway Dr, Fort Pierce, FL 34949

Opened early Nov 2016, Located near the end of Seaway drive and next to Inlet Park and the ocean. This is a major area in Fort Pierce and I have created several images from this area. Plenty of places for drinking, eating and fun. Includes: Manatee Island Grill,Bluewater Grill, Jetty Lounge and the Inlet Grill = something for most people. The Grouper looks a lot like the Grouper in Jupiter only more expensive to build. Worth a visit although the beer and liquor prices aren't cheap. I went there on a Tuesday and the service wasn't good. Followed up on a visit on Friday and the service and friendlyness was much better.The price of a Micolob Ultra bottle is $4.80, that is way to expensive for this area.

 Bluewater Grill


 Bluewater Grill, 2025 Seaway Dr. Fort Pierce, FL
34949 Phone: (772) 466-0023
  At the end of Seaway Dr on South Hutchinson Island and the inlet park area by the ocean. Part of a major area to visit in Fort Pierce.



 I frequent the Bluewater Grill from time to time. Quality of cooking is inconsistent. My favorite when good the pulled pork sandwich and Western Burger(Burger off the menu). However, the bar staff are fun people and always give good service.  In this place the bartender is also the manager and there have been many bartenders.  The above picture is incomplete. Interior pictures of the bar and restaurant areas need to be made. These pictures will be placed inside the window and door areas.

Inlet Beach Bar

 Inlet Beach Bar and Grille: 110 South Ocean dr. Fort Pierce, 34949 772-252-4006 

  Opened in July,2013:Located at the end of Seaway dr and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is part of the Inlet Jetty park on South Hutchinson Island. They don't have a full kitchen yet, but they are serving food. Update full kitchen in open. They also have a full liquor license. If the owners develop this place to its full potential, this will be a major place in what promises to be an important area in Fort Pierce. On Sundays(and maybe other days) they have outdoor music. Looks like they are going for the end of the day beach crowd. If you are visiting out of town they do have a hotel. If you are looking for some great sunrise pictures, the hotel balconies might be a good place to start. I will monitor this place to see if their hotel rooms are of sufficient quality for an out of town visiting photographer. Note: Ben Lewis a well known Fort Pierce person has been hired to be their executive chief and to develope a restaurant type menu. He is not known to stay in places for long periods but I expect the food to be pretty good after he has implemented a new menu. Update Ben Lewis is gone.  Presently the service in this place is inadequate.

And finally: There are three places that I visit infrequently because they are smoker places, but all the regular local drinkers who like to hang out till last call(2am) frequent either the Boozeois (route 1, Behind Roy's Liquors, Fort Pierce), the 'JettyLounge'(Hutchinson Island, Seaway dr,right near the ocean.), St Lucie Inn 2101 N. Old Dixie Hwy.Fort Pierce, Florida (Off of Route 1 and Fort Pierce north bridge. And one place that I have only visited once. Pappys Liquor and Tavern  6939 Okeechobee Rd., Fort Pierce, Florida 34945. On the day I visited they had a sign on the wall that said from 1pm to 7pm a mug of draft beer cost $1. Good place for poor photographers.

  All four have a liquor store attached and have been around a long time. Furthermore, a lot of the staff of the other bars and restaurants usually end up after midnight in one of these bars. I know I did when I was younger. The bottom line is if you want to say that you got drunk in an authentic Fort Pierce Bar, then you have to drink in one of these places. Otherwise, you are another tourist who only hits the safe Tiki bars. Or an older person like myself who likes his places less edgy than when he was a younger person.

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