Custom Pictures of  Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port Saint Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida 
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Custom Photography: Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida

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Fort Pierce, Florida points of Photographic interests for the photographer looking for great photography.

Fort Pierce

If you take a photography workshop with me and want to see the sites if you have the time then I will be your guide. Below you will see plenty of photographic images of the Fort Pierce area, not all are grade A hang on the below pictures, but all show that as a photographer I have explored many areas and know how to get the best from most picture taking opportunities.

  Fort Pierce, Florida is a city in and the county seat of St. Lucie County, Florida, United States. Fort Pierce was the only Florida city to be ranked among the most "idyllic and historic" main streets as rated by USA today(source St Lucie Tribune) Fort Pierce has plenty of atmosphere without all the traffic of places like Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

 It is also known as the Sunrise City which must explain why the main theater and concert hall in Fort Pierce is called 'Sunrise'. The population was 37,516 at the 2000 census. The best thing about Fort Pierce is that Fort Pierce and the area around Fort Pierce offers many picture crafting opportunities for the Treasure Coast and visiting photographer. Fort Pierce also offers some interesting bars and restaurants. Compared to big traffic nightmare places like Fort Lauderdale, West Palms, Orlando and Miami, Fort Pierce is more casual less traffic but as you will see below: Fort Pierce has many places that will interest the national as well as the international traveler.

Please click thumbnail picture for full picture. Fort Pierce has many Festivals, Shows and Fishing tournaments during the year. I would suggest that you check the Fort Pierce home page before your visit to Fort Pierce.(link at bottom of page.) The pictures on this page and on my Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie's pages are not commercial photographs but pictures that try to show photographers the possibilities in pictures if they only take the time to look. After I had taken several pictures of restaurants/bars I began to see these buildings as works of art and my pictures as something that translated their commercial buildings into something a little more artistic.

     Hemingway's must see in Fort Pierce, Florida 

Sunrise Theater: Friday Fest: Farmer's Market:  Bike Night: 
 Classic Cars:  Seal Museum:  AirportTiki:  Causeway Pk:
 Jetty Park:  Summer Crush:  Sailfish Brew:  Jazz-Blues:


 Fort Pierce Marina Area: Includes main and north marinas and park area in-between both areas If you are coming by boat and need to know about the various fishing tounaments and what sort of facilities the marina offers than you need to know about this area. Also many festivals such as Hooked on Music and Sandy Shoes, and year round getogethers like Friday Fest and Farmers Market take place in this area.

However the biggest reason I like this area is that four of my favorite bars and restaurants(Cobbs Landing, Original Tiki Bar, Tapas 121 and 2nd st Bistro) are all within walking distance in this area.


  Sunrise Theater:

Sunrise Theater Fort Pierce: 117 S 2nd st, Fort Pierce, Florida 34950, 772 461-4775

  Usually runs from September to June. Beautiful theater and top notch entertainment. 'The Man of La Mancha, Beatles Tribute Band and Boz Scaggs' were some of the shows I liked. Nice bar on the 2nd floor. Winner 2014 Treasure Coast Reader's Choice Award St. Lucie performing arts venue.

Friday Fest:

 Friday Fest: Located in the Fort Pierce Marina area. If the weather is decent enough this happens on the first Friday of each month. When rain occurs Friday Fest is always scheduled for the next Friday.

  Although there might be some picture taking opportunity's Friday Fest is all about having a good time and meeting plenty of other people who are out looking for a good time. Cheap draft beer and plenty of good music helps you get into the mood. Friday Fest also has a hugh effect on all the local bars and night spots in Fort Pierce. If you are sitting in a local bar in Fort Pierce at 9pm on a Friday Fest(even if Friday Fest has been canceled) night and the bar is empty, you need to leave quickly before that bar closes permanently. You can bet the person serving you also makes you want to leave. Winner 2014 Treasure Coast Reader's Choice Award St. Lucie special events festivals.

 Farmer's Market:

 Farmer's Market: Happens most Saturday's, weather permitting, and during the morning hours. Located in the Fort Pierce Marina area.

 Decent coffee, great pastries and even some entertainment. For those who like fresh produce and products by local artists, this is the place to go. Favorite 2014 Treasure Coast Reader's Choice Award St. Lucie special events festivals.

 Bike Night:

 Bike Night: Lots of Bikes -Lots of Chrome. Located in the Marina area between Cobbs landing and the Tiki Bar. Happens the 2nd Thursday evening of each month, if the weather is decent enough.

  Below a panorama photograph of Bike Night(previous Locatio) in Fort Pierce. Good opportunity for some photographs. Need to bring your tripod and need a good enough camera to do a HDR picture. On the above link please check out the HDR picture at the bottom of the page. Rock and Roll music fills the air and plenty of opportunities for drinking.

panarama photography Fort Pierce

 Classic Cars: 


  Classic Car Show: Happens the last Friday of each month during the evening hours on N 2nd St. between Orange Ave. and Avenue A.


If you are like me and milions of older people those cars sure bring back memories. Plenty of music playing that matches the era of a lot of those old Chevy's, Thunderbirds and Corvettes.

 Seal Museum:

 National Navy UDT-Seal Museum, 3300 N Highway A1A, Fort Pierce, Florida 772-595-5845 Located on North Hutchinson Island

Cost $8 for adults to get him. If your'e a real cheapo, show up 45 minutes before closing time and you get in for free. The museum is a must see beyond taking some pictures but more importantly for a chance to find out about some of the best Americans this country has produced. The museum parking lot also connected to a nice beach. If you want to do a nice model shoot on a beach that isn't to crowded, this is the place.  Winner 2014 Treasure Coast Reader's Choice Award St. Lucie Tourist Attraction.


 Fort Pierce Airport Tiki Restaurant  2982 Curtis King Blvd., Fort Pierce , 34946
, Located in the St Lucie International Airport.


The airport has remodeled part of restaurant to enhance the view of the planes landing and taking off. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch. Food is decent not great and the service is pretty good. This is a small airport so traffic is never a problem. I think you can craft some decent pictures from the airport. May take several trips at different times to get that special picture.

 Islamorada Beer Company 3200 St. Lucie Blvd, Fort Pierce, Florida 34946 305 508-9093 

 Opened Aug 2016 New beer brewery located at the east end of the Fort Pierce Airport. The brewery boasts 10 different home crafted beer and occupies a good amount of space. I visited around 5pm on a sunday. As expected few customers because this prime football and boating season. I had a Wyland Brew and I liked the taste.

 Causeway Pk:

Fort Pierce Causeway Park, Located off of the South Fort Pierce bridge on South Hutchinson island, first left turn.


 A lot of public money has been spent to beautify this area. The view from the top of the bridge is pretty spectacular. Park also has a couple of museums to visit, along with dock fishing, bathing and places for barbecuing and picnicking. At sunset this is a good place for photographers. This is one of the best places on the Treasure Coast for sunset pictures. Usually when I visit this place at sunset there is also one or more photographers taking pictures.

 Jetty Park:  

 Jetty Park in Fort Pierce  Located at the end of Seaway drive on South Hutchinson Island.

Up-and-coming park to watch. A major amount of money both private and public has been invested in this area. Nice beach to watch wind surfers and do some fishing off of jetty or enjoy a barbecue or just take a walk. With the Ocean in front of you and the inlet to your left you have plenty of area to take some pictures. Of course after you have satisfied your photography created urges there are several places to have a cool drink. Winner 2014 Treasure Coast Reader's Choice Award St. Lucie Beach.

 : Summer Crush 

  Summer Crush, Vineyard & Winery, 4200 Johnston Rd. Ft. Pierce Florida, 772-460-0500: Don't know why, but they are no longer Endless Summer winery.  Hard to believe, Fort Pierce has a business where they produce wine(actually Summer Crush is the only wine producing place on Florida's Treasure Coast.)


Anyway I tried all of their wines and could have gotten drunk on anyone of them. My favorite was the 'Rastamon Red Red' a little more dry than sweet but a solid taste that went down a little to smooth. Yes, I had three glasses after the wine tasting and would have had a forth if they didn't close at five. The owner of this establishment -Gary Roberts - has for years ran a award winning nursery and landscaping business. He and his family has used this expertise to build the type of environment where a photographer can craft some interesting pictures. I am looking forward to taking some good sunset type pictures. Summer Crush is looking to expand their business for special events like parties and weddings. More information on their web-site. Summer Crush is also a certified Florida Winery. This means they can give tours of the harvest area, bottling, corking and labeling process. Winner 2014 Treasure Coast Reader's Choice Award St. Lucie vineyard winery.  Winner 2014 Treasure Coast Reader's Choice Award St. Lucie best weekend getaway.  Former name:Endless Summer

 Fort Pierce Jai Alai

 Fort Pierce Jai Alai
1750 S Kings Hwy, Fort Pierce, FL 34945

Currently has poker, Jai Alai and horse racing simulcasting Currently this places looks a little dumpy. However the voters of St. Lucie country have voted to put slot machines at the Jai Alai. Will need further government approval for this to happen but I think it will happen. Expect a lot of glitz and glamour when it happens.

 Sailfish Brew: 

 Sailfish Brewing Co: 407 N. 2nd St Fort Pierce, FL 34950 772-242-8691

Hard to believe that a dinky little town like Fort Pierce not only has a wine-making place, and now they have a beer making place. I tried one of their brews, and I liked it but it was a little expensive for my palate. If you like craft beer and want to learn how they make it then it is worth a visit. The bar area is small and entertainment probably mean single acustic guitar. The bar only serves ale's so it you prefer lagers this might not be your type of place.

On 2/3/17 Sailfish had a grand opening at a new location at the corner of Avenue A and 2nd st. This is a much larger place with a hugh bar and enough room for a bigger band,TV screens,pool table,dart boards and an open patio area in the front of the building. The opening drew a large crowd. A week later they still had a big crowd around the bar and other areas. Presently they only serve draft craft beer, but they are planning to offer wine.


  Fort Pierce Jazz and Blues Society, located at the Sunrise Theater



 If you are at a free event in Fort Pierce and hear some pretty good music, chances are the event was sponsored by the FPJBS. On Saturdays they have a Jazz Market for various types of artists. This event is located next to the Farmers Market. On most Tuesday nights at the Sunrise Theater's Black Box Theater they sponsor Jazz and Blues entertainers. Sometimes on Thursday they sponsor well known Blues and Jazz bands.

  With my camera in hand I have traveled to many places in the area and hopefully you can see that Fort Pierce offers some interesting picture taking opportunities for the photographer to take some interesting photographs and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of this part of the Treasure Coast.

Check out the Fort Pierce and Vero treasure coast experience


Some links the photographer coming to Fort Pierce can use for further information. 
  1. Fort Pierce home page: good for information about the many events in the Fort Pierce area. In addition to the many festivals and fishing contests the city also has a Friday fest on the first Friday of the month, a farmers and crafts market every Saturday, bikers night ever Thursday and on the last Friday of the month a classic car show.  
  2. Fort Pierce Inlet state Park: All around good park professionally run by the state and good place for a photographer at sunset.
  3. Heathcote Botanical Gardens in Fort Pierce: Beautiful and beautiful and check out those candlelight concerts in the gardens.


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Hemingway's choice(s) for good times and good food after sunset. Good time times as defined by entertaining bars and restaurants. If you are visiting Fort Pierce and like the night time then you should bookmark this page.



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