Custom Pictures of  Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port Saint Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida 
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Custom Photography: Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and the Treasure Coast of Florida

Photography Workshop training with one on one hands on teaching.

 Fort Pierce,Vero Beach and Port Saint Lucie offers points of Photographic vision for the photographer looking for great photography in Florida.

Florida and the Treasure Coast

Going to Florida forget Miami, forget Fort Lauderdale and you can even forget Key West because the Treasure Coast has its own attractions without the heavy traffic you will find in those other places.  If you want to visit those other places like Orlando, Tampa Bay area, Fort Lauderdale then Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie are right in the center of Florida and a two or three hour drive from most of the places you would like to visit.    Fort Pierce is a laid back small town with a lot of big city things going on and many opportunities for a photographer to take some memorable pictures. Vero Beach is a little more upscale with some interesting places to visit such as the Riverside Cafe(Great spot for sunset Photography). And finally Port St Lucie has many parks the town of Traditon and a few ocean beaches to keep the average photographer fully ingaged in their photography.  I am typical of the many people who have retired up north and have decided they want something a little different for the rest of their life. In my case that meant leaving a big city (New York City) and moving to a place with a laid back lifestyle: Fort Pierce and the treasure coast. But the biggest surprise and the best kept secret on the Treasure coast was the summer weather.  Living in New York City for years I always thought that even though it can be brutally hot with all those canyons of tall buildings spewing hot a/c air over the humid days of summer, at least I was better off than living in Florida. Well I was wrong!  Especially if you are in one of the many areas near the Atlantic ocean and places off of the Indian River. In the daytime of course it is hot, but it can also be hot up north. Howerver during the evening hours you can sit in a nice riverfront bar and restaurant while enjoying your meal with only an overhead fan cooling you. Try doing that up north where the air comes to a painful stop during the summer months. How many Tiki bars with just overhead fans and no air conditioning do you see up north during the summer time.


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Is it time for a
Learn new ways to create pictures and, photograph some of the best scenery on the Treasure Coast, including Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Port Saint Lucie or even a lively photo session with a model. Finish the night celebrating at one of the many Tiki bars and restaurants in the area.

What I am offering is different then most photography workshops or training classes in that it is hands-on and covers the full process of taking a picture(s) and crafting your picture(s) using the right software. No slide shows from some expert: with my help you will craft some interesting pictures that you can proudly display wherever you want. If you opt for some extra workshop time I will show you how to make a video show or put your pictures on a web site.

And when you are finished at day's end, I will show you the interesting places in Fort Pierce or Vero Beach or Port St Lucie. Think of me as your guide to good food and better drinks.



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Basically, what I am offering is a free Jpeg(s) of the best pictures that I craft from our photo session together. You are free to make your own prints from these photo files. I will post your best photos on my photo page(see above ad), and if you select fineartamerica to produce your print(s) they have a large selection of prints, frames and mats to choose from. You also get to see what the finished print or canvas will look like with the various options you can choose from